Young adults help Caring House sparkle

Together we're creating something wonderfulWith the renovation work almost done, it was time to give the home a belated Spring cleaning. Inside and out.

A young, energetic group from Mission Ebenezer Family Church raised their hands and did a marvelous job. Inside, the kitchen, garage and resident bathrooms needed the most attention — and they got more than anyone could have hoped for. Outside, the hard work with rakes, shovels and trimmers did a great job of getting the property ready for our upcoming landscaping work (we’ve now got some of the neatest dirt in town).

Pastor Dan Hudson made this wonderful connection with Transitions Ministry for Young Adults — it sees a key part of its mission as serving others. More proof that community is a verb — it’s something we actively do together.

These caring young adults weren’t name-droppers and not everyone made it into the photos, so I’ve undoubtedly missed names. We thank Coba, Tabitha, Eva, Charla, Sandra, Daisy, Tawny, Leo, Angie, Vickie, Vickie’s mom, and those whose names we missed. Your great work to help Caring House move forward showed your dedication to community service.