You can’t have a bedroom without a bed

Right now we’re working hard to furnish and equip our beautifully-renovated home. With six private bedrooms, 2.5 baths, kitchen and living and dining room, sitting areas and other common areas for residents and visitors, there’s a lot to do. We’ve been out shopping the garage and estate sales, and gifts through our Target registry are helping a lot.

Lloyd Brown just gave Caring House the funds to buy its first home care bed.

Focusing on beds, it’s crucial that each bed be comfortable, easily-adjusted, safe and peaceful. Being easily-adjusted is also important for our caregivers, to help them change the height of the bed when repositioning the resident.

Hospice-provided beds create a challenge. Each time a resident chooses hospice a hospice-provided bed will arrive, and when that resident leaves us the bed will also leave. Lots of potential for noise and banging up of walls with beds coming and going.

So, Caring House plans to own its own home care beds. But we haven’t had the money to buy them. A new home care bed can cost $2,500. And a refurbished bed would set us back $800 to $1,000. When Lloyd learned about the bed situation, he jumped up and said “I’ll buy Caring House a bed!” And now he has, and our first home care bed (a refurbished one) now resides in the front bedroom.

If you’d like to help with furnishing and equipping Caring House, please donate now and/or check our wish list and Target registry pages. Note: the Target registry shows little red hearts for highest priority items.

Lloyd’s donations and volunteering for Caring House are done in memory of Kathy Brown. Lloyd and Kathy would have been married 63 years last weekend. Lloyd also volunteers for Torrance Memorial Hospice. And Lloyd has a great sense of fun. When we told Lloyd the bed had arrived and we’d like to get a photo of him with it, he asked “should I wear my jammies?”

Lloyd and our first bed
Lloyd and our first bed

Thanks Lloyd! You can’t have a bedroom without a bed.