Why I care about the work of Caring House — Susan Scott

Part of our series of messages from Caring House supporters telling why they care about the work of Caring House.

Why I Care . . .

  • I care because I am a daughter. I sat with both of my parents, my in-laws, and my daughter’s biological grandmother as they were dying.
  • I care because I am a sister-in-law. I shared moments with a dear brother-in-law and a precious sister-in-law as they each died.
  • I care because I am a deaconess. I have been privileged to be in hospice spaces and/or help patients’ families understand the dying process.
  • I care because I am also a wife and a mother and a sister and an aunt and a friend. We all and I too, will face our final moments.
  • I care because I believe God has placed a passion in my heart for hospice. A hospice room, to me, is a sanctuary. It helps a person transition from life to life through the door of death. It is sacred space where loved ones love and yet let go of each other, where dignity is preeminent, peace is preserved, pain may need to be managed, gracious and gentle care is given, and grief happens. This is all beautiful, though bittersweet, in my way of thinking.
  • I also care that, in my community, there will be Caring House, the first of its kind in the South Bay. In addition to caring, for that I am also grateful.

Shared by Susan Scott, Deaconess, Trinity Lutheran Church, San Pedro, California