Why I care about the work of Caring House — Katherine Ward MD

From our continuing series of messages from supporters telling why they care about the work of Caring House.

Why I Care . . .

As a geriatrician and a palliative care physician working with many patients at the end of their lives I know that hospice offers a great service that provides hope to the dying. But hospice is a service . . . not a place to go.

Most patients and their families are asked to choose between their home and a nursing home. At home it may be very difficult to manage all the complications of terminal illness with an added burden of stress on all.  Nursing homes are not dedicated to caring for the terminally ill and as such can provide inadequate support for the dying.

Caring House will be a place that welcomes residents on hospice and provides an environment that will support them and their loved ones.

Shared by Katherine Ward MD
Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine
David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA
Director of Geriatrics, Harbor-UCLA