We’re calling our new oven Terry

Kaput LG Oven
Goodbye LG oven

For a couple of months our patient, diligent caregivers and volunteers dealt with a balky two-year-old LG oven that would change temperatures, randomly, at its whim. It made baking our popular cookies and other goodies an extra labor of love.

New Samsung Oven
Terry, our new Samsung oven

After lots of digging, we learned that the electronic control board on our balky LG oven was kaput. We contacted LG, and they quickly pointed out that the oven had a one-year warranty — they weren’t interested in helping with this problem. We also learned that replacing the LG control board would cost almost as much as a new oven. A visiting service technician advised that the replacement control board could well develop the same problem, telling us that the oven’s design directed heat and moisture to the control board. Didn’t quite call it a design flaw.

So we went shopping and found a new highly-rated Samsung oven for a reasonable price. Our new oven has arrived and we’re hoping it will be with us to serve our residents, families and visitors for many years to come. By the way, this time we bought the five-year extended warranty.

So, you ask, why are we calling our new oven “Terry?” It’s odd to humanize an appliance, you say? Well there’s a story. Terry Taylor was an energetic, outgoing family man who became a Caring House resident at the end of his life in early 2018. During his days at Caring House we got to spend time with his wife Marie Taylor and his children, plus several of his longtime friends (including Cliff Wermer). Visiting Terry one morning and seeing that our then-antiquated oven was on its last legs, Cliff eagerly took us to the appliance store and purchased the LG oven for us. Jump forward to current times, when Marie heard about our problem with the LG oven — she readily raised her hand to be the first person to help with costs of the replacement. So we’re calling our new oven “Terry” in honor and memory of Terry Taylor, and with thanks to his family and friends.

Read about the real Terry. And feel free to come by for a cookie baked by Terry the oven.