We’re an Omega Home

At Caring House, we’re proud to be an Omega Home. Actually, we’re the only Omega Home in Los Angeles County.

While Caring House is an independent nonprofit created by and for our local community, we benefit greatly from being part of the Omega Home Network (OHN).

OHN Proud MemberThe OHN is a national membership organization that promotes the development and expansion of community homes for dying people. Through information sharing, consultation and educational offerings, the OHN provides direct assistance to those developing and operating homes in their communities.

What’s an Omega Home? Among other things, it’s a home that’s

  • designed for and totally focused on care at the end of life
  • staffed by paid caregivers supported by community volunteers
  • not a medical facility
  • created by the local community for the local community
  • an independent nonprofit.

Omega Homes are part of the movement to improve the end-of-life experience for individuals and families in America.

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