We honor and remember Judith Sommerstein

From the earliest days of welcoming residents at Caring House, volunteer Judith Sommerstein was there for our residents and their families. Actually, for all of us.

Judith brought her warm mix of life experience, positivity, listening and compassion to our work. She would sit and talk, and listen and comfort. When circumstances made it right, she would discuss matters of faith, pray and (on occasion) she would sing. Always focused on peace, comfort, support and dignity.

Judith Sommerstein in the Caring House kitchen

Judith helping out in the Caring House kitchen

Among other roles, Judith has been a both a career and life counselor and a Board Certified Chaplain. Long active to strengthen and build the South Bay’s Jewish community, Judith brought and shared both her spirit and spirituality. She worked to promote mutual understanding, respect and cooperation among people of faith, serving as a leader of the South Coast Interfaith Council.

Judith was a gift to Caring House and our South Bay community. Judith passed away earlier this year. We honor her, we remember her.