Volunteers will make Caring House strong
Thanks to the diligent and generous work of volunteers, Caring House opened its doors for residents and families in February 2016.

Get started: Use our handy Volunteer Registration form. It just takes a minute, and is the best way to get started.

Volunteer Teams

Volunteers will continue to be key to the success of Caring House. We will strive to match each volunteer’s interests and skills with a Caring House need, so the volunteer assignment benefits both the volunteer and the work of Caring House.

Find something you like and sign up. Volunteer teams (in alphabetical order):

  • Administration: Office, mailings, contacts, Salesforce, database, hours tracking, accounting, budgeting, organize office, etc.
  • Caregiver Assistance: Support our Caregivers as they care for our residents. Includes helping with meal preparation, feeding, medications, turning, repositioning, changing, housekeeping, etc. Covering Caregiver 30-minute lunch breaks. Assisting in new resident admissions. Experience as a hands-on caregiver or in the medical field is a plus.
  • Comfort & Support (Credentialed): Read to, talk with and sit with residents. Offer comfort and support to residents, families, staff and volunteers; pastoral, spiritual care.
  • Fix-It: House and systems preventive maintenance and repair.
  • Fundraising – General: Organize and carry out funding drives; obtain gift cards from local businesses; in-kind donations of supplies.
  • Fundraising – Special Events: Assist with fundraising and other events, secure prizes for auctions, staff events, volunteer recognition.
  • Gardening: Landscape beautification and maintenance; hands-on and/or organizing visiting teams.
  • Holistic Therapies: Healing Touch, Reiki, Music, Pet and other complementary therapies to support our residents and their families, and/or our staff and our volunteers.
  • Home Sweet Home: Kitchen, cleaning and caregiving supplies, housekeeping, shopping, pantry, reception, laundry.
  • Outreach: Refine our message. Evolve our community education program. Outreach to community and potential residents; presentations; Antique Faire, Farmers Market, other events.
  • Remember the Life: Create an article for our website on a resident’s life, not illness, from info provided by the resident and loved ones (with permission).
  • Visitation. Read to, talk with and sit with residents. Send sympathy cards to loved ones.

Health, Background and TB Clearance

To meet insurance and CA licensing requirements, Caring House volunteers must meet the following requirements.

  • Good Health Attestation for any volunteer.
  • Live Scan Background Check for any volunteer who will be at the property repeatedly (whether inside or outside the house).
  • TB Clearance for all members of the Caregiver Assistant Volunteers team and any member of the Holistic Therapies team whose activities require or normally involve physical touching of a resident.

Complete and submit our handy Volunteer form and we’ll provide all the details.

Parking for volunteers and other visitors

Location and ParkingParking is in the parking lot of the First Christian Church of Torrance (Blue Church) at the intersection of Onrado St. and Felbar Ave. The lot is about 300 strides (15 calories) away from the house.

Parking in the Caring House driveway is only for transporting our residents or brief use for Caring House operations. Parking on the street in front of Caring House is for short-term use of visiting hospice staff. Otherwise, we do not park on the street in our neighborhood.

Thank you for parking at the Blue Church. Being a good neighbor is very important to us.

Are You Interested?

Get started: Use our handy Volunteer form. It just takes a minute, and is the best way to get started.

Caring House is truly a project for our community, by our community.