Volunteers provide additional $20,319 gift

By our community for our communityCaring House volunteers teamed to give 862 hours of their time and energy in May and June 2016. That’s more than 14 hours per day, seven days a week.

In dollar terms, that’s a $20,319 combined gift in support of Caring House residents and loved ones (based on Independent Sector’s $23.56/hour value of volunteer time in 2015).

Since January 1, Caring House volunteers have given 3,026 hours ($71,293 value).

Each of these volunteers has given more than 100 hours since the beginning of the year: Patti Black, Mollie Gehley, Ed Long, Patty Long and Pat Simonetti.

We’re looking for additional capable and caring volunteers. Our ten volunteer teams.

Amazing volunteers make Caring House strong!