Twelve volunteers pass 250 plus hours milestones

By our community for our communityIn 2018, 47 Caring House volunteers teamed to give more than 6,025 hours of their time and energy. That’s 16.5 hours per day, seven days a week. All three numbers are new highs.

Milestones reached by 2018 year end

  • 500 plus hours recorded: Mollie Gehley, Ellen Gorbunoff, Penny Kastagir, Ed Long, Patty Long and Pat Simonetti.
  • 250 plus hours recorded: Patty Black, Jinny Blandford, Jane Flynn, Jill Schultz and Krista Yachechak.
  • 100 plus hours recorded: Roxanne Arroues; Christine Campisi, Steve Densmore, Mary Hano, Barbara McAuley, Carol Rathbun-Shibuya and Judith Sommerstein.

We’re looking for additional capable and caring volunteers. Our ten volunteer teams.

Amazing volunteers make Caring House strong!