Tour shows and tells

We had a chance on Monday to show off the great progress in the renovation work. And talk about how Caring House will serve our South Bay community (see FAQ example below).

Pat Furey (Torrance Mayor), Mark Waronek (Lomita Councilperson) and Donna Duperron (Torrance Area Chamber of Commerce CEO) joined Dave Buchholz (our general contractor), Tara Bauer (our designer / architect), Donna Larrivee (our aging-in-place designer), Karen Hlavaty-Pearson and Ed and Pat Long.

FAQ: How Caring House is different from a hospice service

Hospice Caring House
Medical care Personal care
A visiting service A home
Intermittent 24/7 support
Often paid by Medicare and Medi-Cal No Medicare or Medi-Cal funding
Team led by doctors and nurses Team of trained caregivers