Torrance-based Rotarians labor for Caring House

Fourteen hard-working Torrance-based Rotarians and Interacters gave up a chunk of their Labor Day weekend to work on the Caring House landscaping. They dug, they raked, they planted, they watered, they pruned, they bagged, they sweated and they laughed.

The sounds and smells of landscaping work were wonderful. And these Labor Day laborers left Caring House looking so much nicer.

Rotary’s “Service above Self” motto shone through, thanks to Dean, Mike, Bill, Carl, Adam and Holly from Del Amo Rotary; Jean, Max and Rosy from South Bay Sunrise Rotary; Brian from Torrance Rotary; and David, Krisferly, Alondra and Anahi from Narbonne High.

Thank you Rotarians and Interacters. Together we’re doing something wonderful for our community.