Today’s the “date” for the NO Gala?

Just in case it crept up on you, today (NOvember 33, 2018) is the “date” for the Second Annual NO Gala.NO Gala

Tickets are still available . . .

Here’s a peek inside the formal Event Program

  1. NO welcome speech
  2. NO bar
  3. NO fundraising speech
  4. NO Opportunity drawing
    1. Prize is an all-expense-paid (including travel, room and board) 5-year enrollment with guaranteed hoNOrs graduation at the major college or university of your favorite child’s choice (maximum three changes of majors)
    2. You must be present to win
  5. NO dancing
  6. NO prize for the best costume
  7. NO final words
  8. NO retrieval of your car

Event chairperson: Jill Schultz

HoNOrary event co-chairpersons: AgamemNOn, aNOnymous, CyraNO de Bergerac, Lady HoNOria Dedlock, Boris GoduNOv, NOra Helmer, Patty Long, The MiNOtaur, NOstradamus, Loretta Patterson and PiNOcchio

Event committee: aNOnymous, aNOnymous, Ellen GorbuNOff, Dan Hudson and Nanette Salley

Participating is as simple as 1 – 2 . . .

  1. Order your ticket now.
  2. Stay home or go shopping or whatever on today with NO guilt!

The NO Gala could be most cost-effective fundraising event you’ll ever be a part of.

Tickets, tickets, tickets . . . 

What’s a NO Gala?

It’s a fundraising event with

  • NO date
  • NO location
  • NO theme
  • NO dress code
  • NO attendance required (or possible)

Say YES! to the NO GalaPlease appreciate that there will be NO event. This is a way to support the work of Caring House, while keeping the time and effort of our staff and volunteers focused on our residents and families.

We take full blame for the sense of humor that led to this invitation.

By the way, your ticket donation is 100% deductible as a charitable contribution.