Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

At Caring House we’re thankful for many people. They includeThank You

  • Our residents, who entrust our staff and volunteers with their care — and teach us along the way.
  • The families and friends of our residents who support them and our work.
  • The neighbors who have welcomed us into the neighborhood and helped us create a place of peace.
  • Our capable and caring resident care manager team and our caregivers, who make our work happen 24/7/366 and make us proud.
  • The doctors, nurses, social workers, chaplains, bath aides and volunteers of the visiting hospice services who serve our residents and collaborate with us in their care.
  • The existing end-of-life care homes across the U.S. who have shared with us their experience. And the homes-in-development who let us pay it forward by helping them.
  • The referral sources who connect us to residents who benefit from the peace, comfort and support that Caring House provides.
  • Our emmisaries — who spread the good news about Caring House and connect us more broadly across the community.
  • Our donors — without whom Caring House would not exist or be able to continue its work. Including our automated monthly givers, who give us the assurance of ongoing support.
  • Our volunteers — from direct support for our caregivers, to comfort for our residents and families, to cleaning and maintaining our home and beautifying our landscaping, to managing our office, fundraising and outreach, to providing leadership and direction at the board level — they come together to make Caring House a unique home of peace, comfort and support.

We thank each of you for helping make Caring House happen and for making it strong. Together we’re doing something wonderful for our community.