Tell a friend a week, that’s all we ask!

Caring House is a project by our community, for our community. –> Its success depends on community support. –> Community support depends on community awareness.–> Community awareness depends on supporters telling others about Caring House.

Who should you tell? Tell everyone. Many will be interested, many will care.

What should you tell them? Tell them why Caring House is important to you. Tell them what Caring House will do. Send them to or give them the fact sheet. Invite them to keep up to date by joining this Caring House email group at the upper right of each page.

Need fact sheets to share? Just let us know via the Contact Us page.

Together, our community will create a remarkable place for those at the ends of their lives, and their families and friends.

To succeed, Caring House will need the support of

  • community members who will do the crucial volunteer work before and after we open the Caring House doors and
  • community members who will help financially.

The volunteer work of community members has organized and developed Caring House to the advanced place it is today. The financial support of community members has brought Caring House past half-way to raising the $1 million needed.

There’s more work to do, and money to be raised. So, inspired by those “a can a week” Blue Diamond Almonds ads from a few years back, tell a friend a week, that’s all we ask!