Summer appeal shares news and thanks

Thank You

Together we’re building something wonderful.

Here are a couple of peeks at the letter we just mailed to donors and volunteers for whom we have current mailing addresses.

Caring House is the first non-medical home in Los Angeles County totally focused on end-of-life care. We welcomed our first residents and families in February. If you’ve donated or volunteered – thank you. Together we’ve created something wonderful.

Mission, staffing, volunteers and donors combine to make Caring House a unique and special place.

  • As to mission, we welcome men and women who are in the last weeks of their lives. And we’re licensed for all of our residents to use visiting hospice services.
  • Our strong professional Caregiver staffing, augmented by our volunteers, is unparalleled among care homes in our South Bay area.
  • Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, our Caregivers can devote more time to residents. Our volunteers clean and comfort, shop and serve, clip and prune, launder and fold, and do much, much more. In the last three months they gave on average 17 hours per day, seven days a week in the work of Caring House.
  • Our generous donors make it possible to make planned improvements (like our beautiful professional landscaping) and deal with emergency costs (like replacing our collapsing sewer line). They also make it possible for us to admit and retain men and women (like Gail) who cannot afford our standard charge.

Read about how we served Gail and her family

Surprises  We opened our doors in February. We’ve met surprises, both positive and negative.

The positive surprises include wonderfully welcoming support from neighbors. Like the church that lets Caring House staff, volunteers and visitors use its parking lot. And the neighbor who came by and cut our lawn. The biggest negative surprise has been the big unbudgeted increase in our workers compensation insurance costs.

We take joy from the positive surprises. And learn and move forward from the negative.

Yes, you can help  Please continue as a donor and/or volunteer. With continued support,

  • We will grow our occupancy to the maximum level consistent with safety for all and with bringing peace, comfort and support to residents and families.
  • We will remain fiscally strong and meet our goal of committing two of our six of our bedrooms to residents who cannot afford the standard charge.

View the full summer appeal letter

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