Special Stones Bring Comfort to Our Families

Special Stones Bring Comfort to Our FamiliesMany know that we have a basket filled with natural heart-shaped stones in our living room. Family members of our residents choose a stone to represent their loved one and we write the resident’s name on the stone – one of the ways we honor and remember our residents.

Two of our board members recently went on separate trips to Scotland, and both of them brought back some very special stones for our collection. Thank you Glenn and Ellen for not only thinking about us on your travels, but also bringing us these very special stones that will bring comfort to our families!

We’re always looking for natural heart-shaped rocks between 2 and 3 inches wide to add to this collection! When you’re out and about at the beach, the park or even in your own garden, please look for and collect them, and then drop them off at Caring House. Our staff and volunteers will be thrilled to add them to our collection.