Shop for Caring House

Shopping for Caring HouseYou can help arrange the supplies needed for Caring House to start operating. Let’s go shopping!

We now have a Wish List and a Target registry (below).

Target registry now available

We’ve created a registry through Target and — listing more than 400 items needed to get Caring House up and running.

From hangers, to plates, to a toaster and a mini-fridge, you have plenty of choices. Many items are available through online shopping. Other items are available in-store only.

You can shop online by going to any time.

If you want to shop in person, the registry is available at any Target store with these details:

  • First name: Caring
  • Last name: House
  • Registry type: Baby
  • Delivery date: August 1, 2015

Delivery of your items

Right now, Target is offering free shipping on orders of $25+.

You can have items delivered to Caring House — the default “Caring House” delivery address will work just fine. Note, for privacy reasons, Target doesn’t show the address.

If you wish to drop items off in person, email us at and we’ll coordinate with you to make sure we’re at the house at a mutually-convenient time.

You can get a charitable donation deduction

By the way, keep your receipt. When you’ve delivered the item to Caring House you’ll get a written acknowledgment letter that will entitle you to charitable donation deduction for the amount of your cost (you’ll want to have your receipt in your tax file). Make sure your item comes to Caring House with your name and address so we can send you the acknowledgment letter.

Caring House, Incorporated is an IRC 501(c)(3) charity and donations to Caring House are deductible as charitable contributions. The tax identification number is 20-2201206.