Advance Directive Wallet Card

Advance Directive Wallet CardYou’ve done your Advance Directive and named others to speak for you. Then you end up in the midst of a health emergency where you can’t speak for yourself.

Question #1: How will the medical team know who is authorized to speak for you?

Answer #1: They’ll find your Advance Directive Wallet Card. You’ve filled it out and kept it in your wallet with your driver’s license or other identification card.

Question #2: Where can you get an awesome Advance Directive Wallet Card?

Answer #2: Caring House has created one for you. Complete your order below and we’ll mail it to you. No charge! Continental U.S. only, please. Please allow 14 business days for delivery.

Question #3: How big is the Card?

Answer #3: It’s the same size as a CA driver’s license. Even has the same rounded corners.

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