Advance Care Planning for Smarties

StudentWe present community education programs in the South Bay on advance care planning.

The programs generally run about 90 minutes. We also have a 25 – 30 minute version of program #1. 

If your group of 25 or more is interested, email and we’ll follow up with you.

Series title: Advance Care Planning for Smarties

  1. Who Ya Gonna Name? Plus Advance Directives 101.
    You’ll discover seven key criteria to help you select the best person to speak for you. Then you’ll examine the key parts of an Advance Directive document.
  2. How to Avoid the Twelve Reasons Advance Directives Fail.
    You’ll see how even well-intended Advance Directives fail when the time comes, and you’ll learn how to avoid the traps.
  3. What Ya Gonna Tell Em?
    Helps you figure out your wishes and what matters to you. Plus tips on communicating with those who need to know.
  4. I’ve Been Named. How Do I Do an Amazing Job?
    So, you’re named to speak for a family member or friend. As an “Agent in training” you’ll learn the keys to being an effective Agent on their behalf.
  5. Care Lingo Decoded. Plus California’s End of Life Option Act.
    Continuing your “Agent in training” work you’ll unravel hospital and care lingo like CPR, POLST, DNR, feeding tube, respirator and much more. We’ll wrap up with the nuts and bolts of California’s 2016 physician assisted suicide law.

Next Full Series

No. Day Date Time Location Reservations
1 Monday May 8 10 am
11:30 am
Torrance Memorial
Conference Center
Attend any or all classes. Call 310-517-4711 or click here
2 May 15
3 May 22
4 June 5
5 June 12