Visiting a Resident


Caring House is located at 2842 El Dorado Street, Torrance, CA 90503, south of Torrance Boulevard and east of Maple Avenue, in the City Hall/Madrona area of Torrance. Scroll down or click here for details about parking when visiting Caring House.

Location and Parking
Location and Parking

Arranging a Visit / Visiting

Meeting with visitors may be tiring for a resident, and there may be times when a visit is not advisable. We ask that visitors call ahead about the best time to visit out of respect for all residents and to maintain a peaceful home.

To protect our residents, families, volunteers and staff, please do not come to Caring House if you feel sick or have flu-like symptoms.

Visitor Policies

  • We would greatly appreciate knowing when you plan to visit ahead of time, so we can also ensure social distancing. Please call (310) 796-6625 ext. 3 to let us know when you’ll be visiting.
  • Visiting hours are 9 am – 6 pm daily (exceptions can be made upon request).
  • Only two people may visit with a resident at one time.

Procedures When Visiting

  • Upon arrival, each visitor will be required to:
    • Provide their name, the name of who they are visiting, and sign-in on our visitor log.
    • Wear a well-fitted mask (their own or one provided by us).
    • Wash/sanitize their hands after checking in.
    • Physically distance.
  • At the end of each visit, each visitor should promptly leave the house, so we may sanitize and prepare for other visitors.

Click here to read more about COVID-19 and visiting Caring House.

Inquiring about or calling a Resident

The quality of mobile phone reception in our neighborhood varies. To speak to or leave a message for a Caring House resident or visitor, please call 310-796-6625 ext. 3. Our caregivers can assist and pass along messages.

We have dedicated personal electronic devices for residents to utilize in the comfort and safety of their room. Residents will be assisted in using video and audio calling to reach loved ones. Video calls must be set up in advance with our Caregivers and will require participants to have email to receive invitations.


In respect of our neighbors, please park directly in front of the house or to the west of the house whenever possible, and please do not park directly across the street from Caring House. Click here for other information parking details.

As a visitor to Caring House, we need your help!

Caring House is part of a calm and peaceful residential neighborhood. We respect our neighborhood, and we strive to treat it and our neighbors well. We ask all Caring House staff, volunteers, residents and visitors to help us treat our neighborhood and neighbors with respect as well.

  • Be a Parking Angel. Please park at the Blue Church or in the Gold Zones when possible! Click here for details.
  • Quiet: When talking with others in person or on a mobile phone, please do it quietly, so no one more than 3 feet away can hear you. Please also close car doors quietly, start cars without revving, and only honk horns in an emergency.
  • Group meetings: Feel free to use our back garden, sitting areas and conference room in order to avoid gathering in front of neighborhood homes.
  • Trash: If you find trash on our property or in the street, please put it in a waste barrel.
  • Smoking: Caring House is a smoke-free property. Please smoke only while walking and never near a neighbor’s home for more than a few seconds.
  • Be Friendly: Our neighborhood is friendly! When walking to and from the house, we welcome you to smile and say hello.
  • Safety: Please take notice of anyone acting suspiciously in the neighborhood. When in doubt, call the police.