Remember the Life project

Past ResidentsWe write and share on our website articles to honor and remember our residents. We write the articles from the viewpoint that the person has just arrived at Caring House. Our focus in on the life of the person, not on their illness. You can find examples here . . . 

As you’ll see from the examples, we’ll include a photo that says to you and the family “that’s him” or “that’s her” — in the way you’d like to remember him or her.  If you have such a photo in digital format, please email it to We can also scan a photo for you.

The articles remain on the Caring House website as part of our Remember the Life project. They are a way to honor and remember the person.

By completing this quick form you’ll help us write the article about your loved one.

Share what you can. Our volunteer team will create a draft of the article based on what you share. We’ll provide the draft to you for your comments.

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