Honor and Remember – 2021 – Event Page

We honor and remember the men and women we have had the privilege to serve during the last weeks of their lives.

Honor and Remember candlesThis is our fifth annual Honor and Remember event. We welcome family members and friends of past Caring House residents, plus volunteers, donors, staff and the broader community.

This is an online video event. The event will first be shown on Sunday, March 7, 2021 starting at 3 PM. If you’re not available at that time, you can view it later.

Your preparation

As you prepare to watch this video, be mindful of the many emotions and memories you may experience.

You might wish to prepare your location by doing things like softening the lights, lighting a candle, having a vase of flowers, or bringing a treasured object or a photo of your loved one. You may wish to consider arranging with friends and family so that you can view at the same time.

You might wish to light a candle at the beginning of the event and let it flame warmly throughout, or you might choose to wait to light the candle until your loved one’s name is read. Choose what feels right for you.

Feel free to pause the video while you prepare. Restart when you are ready.

Program (see The Video below)

  1. Introduction – Together we’ll honor and remember the loved one who connects you to Caring House. We can also honor and remember other loved ones who have gone before us.
  2. Welcome
  3. Reading – “Tis a Fearful Thing”
  4. Music video – “Always”
  5. Candle Ceremony – The central part of our gathering. Staff and volunteers read the names of the men and women we’ve had the privilege to serve during the last weeks of their lives. Candles are lit, we toll a bell – together, we honor, we remember
  6. Reading – “Remember Me”
  7. Closing words
  8. Photos of past residents
  9. Credits

The Video (can be played full screen or on a TV)

You can help

  • Photos – if we don’t have a photo of your loved one, or you have a better photo, email the photo to us at welcome@yourcaringhouse.org. We’ll use it in the future.
  • Pronunciation – our staff and volunteers strive to pronounce all names correctly, but sometimes we get it wrong. If we didn’t get the name of your loved one exactly the way you’d like, give us a call at 310-796-6625 extension 1 and let us know (you can even leave a message with the pronunciation you’d like). We’ll correct our pronunciation for the future.
  • Share this Honor and Remember event with your family and friends. Send them to yourcaringhouse.org/honor2021

More wonderful photos

These photos of residents we’re honoring and remembering today will also be included in future Honor and Remember events. We regret we weren’t able to include them in today’s video because of production deadlines.

Help keep Caring House going

Your gift today will help our caring staff and volunteers welcome and serve more residents and families. Please give now . . .


  1. faith goldman
    March 7, 2021 @ 3:22 pm

    Thank you for sharing your moving words and the lives of your residents gone physically but not of our hearts. You and your staff have done a true MITZVAH – good deed – and are worthy of the title MENSCH – good person.


  2. Lyric Dill-Williams
    March 7, 2021 @ 3:35 pm

    Wonderfully presented…..
    Thank you kindly for all that you guys do.
    Daughter of
    Mignon Mimi Benjamin


  3. John Cuccia
    March 7, 2021 @ 3:47 pm

    Beautifully done. Thank you for all that you do.
    John Cuccia


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