Family member survey

ImproveWe thank you for entrusting your family member’s care to the staff and volunteers at Caring House.

We pledge to do our very best to care for each Caring House resident and bring them peace, comfort and support.

Part of doing our very best is learning from the experiences of the family members and friends of our residents. This survey is part of that learning.

This survey is set up to be anonymous. If you’d like to add your name and/or email address at the end, that is completely optional.

Thank you for your support for the work of Caring House.

  • About your family member (or friend)

  • Please rate your experience with Caring House staff and volunteers

    Please exclude the visiting medical hospice team.

  • Please compare your end-of-life experiences.

    Please skip this part if you have NOT had other end-of-life experiences.

  • Please comment

  • Did your experience at Caring House help you with the following?

    Add any comments at the end of this section.

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  • Wrapping up

  • Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey and helping Caring House improve.

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