COVID-19 and visitors to Caring House

We serve Residents who are nearing the ends of their lives. We want them to be able to have visitors. We must also protect all of our Residents, visitors and staff from infection. We’ve developed the following approaches, which are subject to change by Caring House in our sole discretion and without prior notice. 

Overall approach

  • Visiting hours are from 9 am to 6 pm, seven day a week.
  • Only one person may visit Caring House at a time. All visits will be 60 minutes or less.
  • Up to two designated visitors may visit a Resident in a day. Each Resident/Responsible Person may designate in advance up to five visitors during the length of the Resident’s stay.
  • Visits are scheduled in advance with our Caregiver team. Call (310) 796-6625 extension 3.

A Visitor Should Expect

  • Upon arrival at the house each visitor will be screened with a series of questions and a temperature check.
    • We are screening for COVID-19 exposure and potential symptoms.
    • If a visitor does not meet the requirements to enter the house, they will be turned away and encouraged to utilize an electronic form of communication.
  • Upon entry to the house each visitor will be required to:
    • Sanitize their hands
    • Wear a mask (their own or one provided by us) and gown (provided by us)
    • Provide Caregiver with their name to be signed in
    • Go directly to the Resident’s room and remain there during their visit.
  • At the end of each visit, the visitor must deposit borrowed gowns and masks in the laundry bin near the front door and promptly leave the house so that we may sanitize and prepare for other visitors.

If a Resident begins to display symptoms related to COVID-19, that Resident will be quarantined and that Resident’s visitors will be limited to essential care personnel. We will inform other Residents’ visitors of the potential for exposure, and they may choose whether to continue visiting.

If a Resident is confirmed to have active COVID-19 that Resident will be quarantined and we will discontinue visits to all Residents, except by essential care personnel, until further notice.

Electronic Communication

We have dedicated personal electronic devices for each Resident to utilize in the comfort and safety of their room. Residents will be assisted in using video and audio calling to reach loved ones. Calls must be set up in advance with our Care Staff, and will require participants to have email to receive invitations.