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Caring House welcomes residents and families to their home-away-from-home!

Caring House is a non-profit, home-based setting completely focused on helping residents and families through the end-of-life journey – the first and only one of its kind in Los Angeles County.

Licensed as a Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE) by the California Department of Social Services (license no. 198602078), we provide compassionate care, support, supervision and assistance for up to six residents and their families at any one time.

We seek to admit terminally ill patients of any age who are receiving services from a Medicare-certified hospice agency, whose needs are compatible with our other residents, and who we judge will be safe and well-served.

Goals of Care

Setting goals of care is a crucial part of making appropriate care decisions. We welcome residents and families for whom the goals of care have shifted to peace, comfort and support.

Caring House and Hospice

Residents of Caring House use the Medicare-certified hospice agency of their choice. Hospice teams offer medical care, including pain and symptom management, as well as spiritual support, counseling and education. Hospice team members will visit residents just as they would in their homes and provide vital support to them and their loved ones, in collaboration with our staff.

Caring House is not a hospice facility or hospice house, and we are not licensed as a hospice facility, service or agency under the Health and Safety Code, or other California or Federal law.

Caring For Our Residents

Our residents’ needs are 24/7, and so is our staffing. In addition, our resident-to-caregiver ratio is designed for the high demands of end-of-life care – typically 3-to-1. Our caregivers are also experienced with the challenges at the end of life, so they are able to serve as compassionate guides for family members, under the direction of our Resident Care Manager team.

Admitting a Resident

Click here for more information about admission to Caring House. If you would like speak with us about a possible admission to Caring House, you can send us a message through our Contact page or call us at 310-796-6625, ext. 2.

Inquiring About or Calling a Resident

The quality of mobile phone reception in our neighborhood varies. To speak to or leave a message for a Caring House resident, please call 310-796-6625 ext. 3. Our caregivers can assist and pass along messages.

We have dedicated personal electronic devices for residents to utilize in the comfort and safety of their room. Residents will be assisted in using video and audio calling to reach loved ones. Video calls must be set up in advance with our Caregivers and will require participants to have email to receive invitations.

Visiting a Resident

Meeting with visitors may be tiring for a resident, and there may be times when a visit is not advisable. We ask that visitors call ahead about the best time to visit out of respect for all residents and to maintain a peaceful home. Click here for complete details about visiting a resident.

Honoring and Remembering Our Residents

As part of our mission, and to carry forward the dignity of each resident, we honor and remember our residents after they’ve passed on in several ways.

  • A memory stone is created for each resident, which we keep at Caring House. This way, a part of our residents will always be with us.
  • All residents are memorialized on our Remember the Life Honor Roll.
  • For those who choose to do so, we work with the residents’ loved ones to write stories about our residents’ lives. Read our Residents’ Stories.
  • We remember residents’ birthdays through the Caring Calendar.
  • We honor our U.S. military veterans by flying the U.S. flag outside the house during their time with us.