Reflecting on Caring House values: Tranquility

How we sit can be applied at any moment during our daily lives.

For example, when we mop the floor, we mop the floor just to mop the floor, and we enjoy mopping the floor just to mop the floor. We are happy. The happiness and contentment we experience in sitting meditation can be brought into daily life.

We can be happy mopping the floor.

— Thich Nhat Hanh

Mopping floor - tranquility


—  Caring House Vision  —
Peace at the end of life.
—  Caring House Mission  —
Providing a loving home of care, peace and dignity for adults who are dying.
—  Caring House Values  —
Compassion  |  Dignity  |  Integrity
Resilience  |  Stability  |  Tranquility

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