Not too early to be a 2017 IRA Smarty

Give and GRin2017 brings a new chance to use the Give and Grin Rule to make a tax-free donation from your IRA to a charity of your choice. The Give and Grin Rule provides that if you are age 70½ (70.5) or older you can donate from your IRA directly to the Qualified Organization of your choice — tax-free! This special IRA donation rule allows you to give up to $100,000 in a calendar year.

The gift counts against your 2017 required minimum distribution.

Your IRA trustee can provide the paperwork. Or, it’s specially easy to get this done if you have check-writing privileges on your IRA account.

We wrote about this in detail back in September 2016 (link: Be an IRA Smarty).

Major personal finance and news outlets are also spreading the word about the Give and Grin Rule. See these articles,

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