NO Gala menu is complete

This just in – the menu for the NO Gala for Caring House is complete – according to The NO NOnsense News.

No Food or DrinksThis photo shows the food and beverage choices that will be available for attendees at this extraordinary event.

NO Gala Chairperson Jill Schultz responded “NO comment” when reached for comment. Although this reporter felt that Chairperson Schultz is becoming frustrated by the great and growing interest in the NO Gala.

Unnamed sources tell us that there will be NO event. The NO Gala is a way to support the work of Caring House, while keeping the time and effort of staff and volunteers focused on the residents and families. Caring House takes full blame for the sense of humor that led to this NOn-event.

The Second Annual NO Gala promises to be the NOn-event of the year. It’s rumored that a few tickets might still be available [click please].