Neighborhood Church women sew helpful

Monica and Sandra display pillowcasesWe have special half-size pillows that we use to support the arms and legs of our residents. They’re a great resource in helping our residents be comfortable.

The problem: pillowcases for these pillows are darn near impossible to find.

The solution: A wonderful group of women from The Neighborhood Church in Palos Verdes Estates teamed up and created a colorful and substantial supply of pillowcases for us. The sewing group included Bea Walker, Zherra Manilay, Jan Love, Sherri Hanniff, Marge Huskins, Meena Lagnese, Pati Henderson and Marilyn Monosmith. Karen Tucker handled the transportation logistics.

Generous work like this confirms for us that Caring House is a project for our community by our community. In the photo, Caregivers Monica and Sandra joyfully display some of the just-delivered pillowcases.