The movement to improve the late life and end of life experience in America

There’s a movement across the U.S. to improve the late life and end of life experience.Improve

  • Hospice services, a key to improving end of life care care from the earliest days of the movement, have grown from one in 1974 to more than 4,000 today. And they now serve more than 1.3 million people per year.
  • Dr. Bill Thomas from Rochester, NY started the Eden Initiative and Green Homes — improving nursing homes across America.
  • Dr. Ira Byock here in Torrance, Dr. Atul Gawande from Boston, and Dr. B J Miller from San Francisco — work to improve the way doctors practice medicine for patients approaching the end of life.
  • Palliative care teams locally and across the U.S. are growing and getting stronger. Both within and outside hospitals, they improve patients lives by helping them manage symptoms and providing relief from pain and suffering.
  • Caring House and non-medical homes like us across the U.S. improve the end of life experience for men and women and families. To grow the movement we’ve banded together through the Omega Home Network, where we learn from each other and help others trying to create new homes.

At Caring House, we’re proud to be a part of the movement.