Meet Walter Montgomery

Walter (Walt) Montgomery has come to live with us at Caring House. We’re honored.Walter Montgomery

A man with many other nicknames (including Butch, Daddy, Pops, Papa, Uncle Walt, Tee, Son of Abraham, EF Hutton), Walt was born in Duson, Louisiana. The fourth of 16 children, Walt started working in the cotton fields with his siblings at age 7. He and his younger brother Wes often made it a competition — who was faster, who picked the most. The shenanigans would go on until their Dad’s voice rang out — then back to work they would go.

At age 16 (fudging about his age) he went to work for the railroad. Full of energy and confidence, he soon became a lead man. But Walt wanted to see new things and he headed to California at age 22.

Life in California was beautiful. He loved it — the weather especially. He got a job at McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company in Santa Monica (he calls it his “government job”). He found a nice place to live, and soon started his other “job” of buying real estate. A young, single, handsome man in a new state, enjoying the weather, his job and becoming a real estate mogul. Life is good!

He never thought he’d get married (his Dad always told him he should not). But he met a beautiful young woman named Audrey Ledet. He was hooked at first meeting, and knew he wanted to marry Audrey. Confident young man that Walt was, he was sure she’d want to marry him (how could she not?). And yes, the were married, the same year they met. Walt and Audrey then went on to have five Montgomery children: Gregory, Andre, Walter Jr., Michael and Wendy, and also built a successful family business.

Walt has always worked to instill the qualities in his children that helped him be successful. His words to live by include “Try to be the best at what you do” . . . “Live life to the fullest” . . . “Don’t hold grudges” . . . “Be kind” . . . “Work hard when you’re working” . . . “The wife is the boss” . . . “Don’t hurt anybody” . . . “Save money” . . . “And for goodness sake, buy property.”

Walt loves the Blues and Zydeco. A lifelong dancer, “Dancing with the Stars” is a favorite.

We’re glad that Walt is with us at Caring House. We’ve already learned from him and look forward to caring for him.

In Memoriam

Walt died on September 19, 2017. Honor him. Remember him.