Meet Tony Pascucci

Tony PascucciAnthony “Tony” Pascucci has come to live with us at Caring House. We are honored.

Tony was born in Olean, NY, the second child of Jackie Cummings and Bruno James Pascucci. While he got his last name from his Italian father, he got his blond hair and blue eyes from his Irish mother.

When he was just one his family moved to the state of Washington where his father was stationed in the service. The following year they moved to Inglewood, CA and the South Bay has been his home ever since. Most recently, Tony has in Torrance just a short walk from Del Amo Mall.

When he was in the 4th grade Tony participated in the Junior Olympics, running the 50 yard, 100 yard and relay races. That started a love of track which continued into middle school; carrying over to running relay at Inglewood High.

Tony graduated from Inglewood High School and “for a short time” attended El Camino Jr College. “College is not for everyone and I soon found out I was one of them.”

In his late teens Tony started bowling in leagues and did that for years. “I got to be pretty good. Sometimes the winning teams would get trips to Vegas or Hawaii but I always just took the money” he tell us.

Growing up in Inglewood, they lived near Hollywood Park. Both his parents enjoyed horse racing. “We always went to the Park as a family, sometimes with one or two other families. We got to know people who worked there, even some who took care of the horses. My sister and I loved running around there. That’s where I fell in love with horses.” Tony learned a lot about horses and betting. Going to the track was one of his favorite pastimes. Once with a friend he won $40,000. Laughing, Tony admits that he was not always a winner.

Tony enjoys swimming and walking. While he likes being at the beach he mainly walks the mall. “Going from one end to the other at Del Amo is a pretty good walk.”

Tony worked several jobs in grocery stores before finding his niche doing hotel work. Beginning at the Sheraton Plaza Hotel at LAX, he moved to the Sheraton in Redondo Beach (now the Crowne Plaza Hotel). He worked 36 years in the hotel business.

“I started out taking orders and delivering room service. Then waiting tables in the restaurant and setting up and serving at events. Working as concierge was the best job. I never really enjoyed traveling but at the hotel I would meet people from all over the world and learn about where they were from. No passport needed. Some guests were pretty important but no matter who they were I just enjoyed working with people. My last job was front desk at night which meant also doing PBX. There’s really not much I couldn’t do at that hotel.”

Tony’s value to his employers was evident: he was 16 times employee of the month and 5 times employee of the year.

After his sister, Sharon, died several years ago, the hotel staff became his family. He’s called uncle, dad and granddad. He is very close to so many there.

We are glad Tony is with us at Caring House. We look forward to caring for this charming man of hospitality and service.

In Memoriam

Tony died on July 17, 2019. Honor him. Remember him.