Meet Teresia Schimko

Teresia Lohran Schimko has come to live with us at Caring House. We’re honored.

Teresia Schimko

There’s a lot to know about Teresia that this story can’t adequately address. Like Teresia’s big heart, smile and welcoming kindness.

Born into the family of Anna and Franz Lohran in Glogon, Yugoslavia, she was raised and educated in Yugoslavia.

Teresia married Wilhelm Schimko in 1949 and they came to the U.S. (Los Angeles) in 1952, sponsored by family friends and the Catholic Church. Teresia recalls that, when they arrived, “we didn’t know anyone or anything.” They were in their early 20s, their son Wilhelm (Bill) was 13 months old, and they didn’t know the language or the customs of their new country. Their daughter Rosemarie then joined the family. And they moved to their current home in Hawthorne, where they’ve lived for 43 years.

Teresia first went to work doing nighttime office building cleaning in downtown Los Angeles. Later, her career with SkyChefs in the flight kitchen tapped into her love of baking and cooking. She had fun even though the work was hard and she worked nights.

She’s a woman of faith, worshiping at St. Stephen’s Catholic Church in Los Angeles. St. Stephen’s is also a strong social hub for Teresia, where she has many friends. In addition to baking and cooking, Teresia loves gardening, dancing and socializing.

We’re glad that Teresia is with us at Caring House. We look forward, with her family and loving friends, to bringing her peace and comfort and returning to her some of the caring she has shared with others throughout her life.

In Memoriam

Teresia died on October 5, 2016. Honor her. Remember her.