Meet Sherry Zimbardi

Sharilyn “Sherry” Kay Zimbardi has come to live with us at Caring House. We’re honored.

Sherry Zimbardi

When you meet Sherry you immediately feel her warmth. She has a smile and support for everyone.

Born into the military family of Jimmy and May Park, Sherilyn Kay Park is a self-described “Army brat.” With her early years and education in Spain, England and Germany, plus significant time as an adult in Hawaii, Georgia, Arizona and California, Sherry has seen much of the world.

Sherry married Vaughn Leatherman and together they raised three children (Jeff, Rick and Christine). Sherry and Vaughn divorced after 24 years of marriage.

Bill Zimbardi, Sherry’s second husband, died suddenly of a heart attack after 23 years of marriage. Just six months later she lost her son Rick. Despite those losses, and in the midst of cancer-related treatment herself, Sherry found strength and not only carried on — she would cheer others who were also receiving chemotherapy by giving them cookies and a kind word

Sherry takes great joy in her eleven grandchilden (Anthony, Allyson, Nathan, Emmott, Kaylyn, Maude, Gavin, Isabella, Angelo, Leonardo and Nikolai). Her grandchildren call her “tutu” (from the Hawaiian for grandparent). She has many “adopted” children and grandchildren who think of her as a mother and grandmother, always making herself available for them despite the personal challenges she faced.

Sherry’s career has included both bank and property management. She’s a woman of faith and her Jehovah’s Witness ministry is a key part of her life.

We’re glad that Sherry is with us at Caring House. We look forward to bringing her peace and comfort, and experiencing her beautiful smiles.

In Memoriam

Sherry died on October 7, 2016. Honor her. Remember her.