Meet Rolf Korstvedt

Rolf KorstvedtRolf Korstvedt has come to live with us at Caring House. We are honored.

Rolf was born in Greenwich, Connecticut, the second twin of Marcus and Dagny Korstvedt. He was raised in Port Chester, NY, where he attended Port Chester High School.

Before attending college, Rolf enlisted in the U.S. Navy. He was assigned to work in the dental department of the U.S. Naval Hospital in Philadelphia, PA, where he painted acrylic eyes to replace the eyes of injured servicemen.

Rolf attended Syracuse University (NY), University of Chicago and Teacher’s College of Columbia University. He taught art at the elementary school level for eight years in Greenwich, CT and Tappan, NY. He then taught art and art history at the high school level in Orangeburg, NY.

Rolf met his future spouse, Barbara (Bobbie) Walzer at a concert given by Jussi Bjorling, a Swedish tenor with The Metropolitan Opera.  They were both students at Syracuse University at the time and they spent many evenings listening to opera recordings in the student union. Shortly after graduation they married in Chicago, where Rolf pursued a Masters Degree and Bobbie taught first grade.

Rolf and Bobbie have two daughters (Laurie and Zoë), and raised their family in Stamford, CT, and Tappan, NY. They lived in Northampton, Massachusetts before moving to Southern California. Rolf loves his six grandchildren (Kieran, Corey, Sean, Kyle, Rachel and Oliver) and great grandson (Max).

Rolf loves drawing, reading, politics, opera and vocal music. Rolf is known for his long stories of past experiences. He was loved by his students when he taught art and art history — where the students called him “Mr. K” and sometimes “Special K.”

We are glad that Rolf is with us at Caring House. We look forward to caring for “Special K.”

In Memoriam

Rolf died on August 26, 2018. Honor him. Remember him.