Meet Peggy Allen

Margaret (Peggy) Allen has come to live with us at Caring House. We’re honored.Peggy Allen

Peggy has a twinkle to her eye. She loves connecting with people, and when you meet her she immediately draws you in.

She can charm your socks off. And loves to wear fun socks herself.

She loves cats, whimsical things and all things Irish. And Peggy’s a big UCLA football and basketball fan.

Professionally a teacher and administrator, today she loves the daily news. Her goddaughter Rachael shared:

She has a spunky personality . . . a combination of teacher (fun-loving, detailed-oriented, loves decorating and celebrating, and gives directions well) and administrator (likes being around competent, professional people that get things done). She loved, loved, loved to read and was a weekly shopper at Barnes and Noble, getting the newest hardback book right when it came out.

We’re glad that Peggy is with us at Caring House. Her smile and spunk brighten the day.

 In Memoriam

Peggy died June 17, 2016. Honor her. Remember her.