Meet Our Latest Student Nurse Volunteers

Meet Our Latest Student Nurse Volunteers
(Top left to right) Emily Ibarra, Leah Harms; (bottom left to right) Eduardo Valdizon, Paulina Cardenas; (not pictured) Domenica Coronel

We were honored to welcome more Student Nurse Volunteers from Los Angeles Harbor College’s Nursing Program!

Five compassionate and hardworking students helped our caregivers provide peace, comfort, support and dignity to our residents and families during the day and night shifts they worked in November and December.

This continues to be a unique opportunity to help soon-to-be nurses gain experience in end-of-life care, while also completing some of the hours required to graduate.

We asked the students to share their thoughts about their time at Caring House, and here is what they said:

“Caring House has been a wonderful experience. The staff are amazing and the amount of time and care they put into the residents is inspiring to me as an upcoming nurse. I loved my experience working alongside the caregivers and volunteers.  It was definitely something different than what I have experienced working in hospitals, but nonetheless one that I cherish and will remember throughout my nursing career.” – Paulina Cardenas

“Volunteering at Caring House was a unique and special experience for me. I truly enjoyed my time with the residents and staff.” – Domenica Coronel

“Having the opportunity to work at Caring House was such a gift. Every minute I was there brought such joy to my heart. The level of care they give to their residents is truly amazing. Not one time did a resident have to wait for care. The staff there is like family. The house is so warm and cozy. Even though people come to spend their last days there, the house is filled with nothing but love and happiness. I hope when my time comes, I will be taken care of in a place as great as Caring House.” – Leah Harms

“Caring House is unlike any experience I’ve had in my student nursing journey. The environment is so different from any of the hospital settings I have been in, and the level of care that I get to give to the residents is far from anything I’ve experienced. There is a great group of caregivers and volunteers who have helped me care for each resident individually and uniquely. I love creating a trusting relationship with the residents, and I am grateful to be able to support them and their families in this difficult time in their lives.” – Emily Ibarra

“My time at Caring House has been delightful and unforgettable. It has been a huge privilege working alongside such compassionate and welcoming staff. My experience here has been immensely invaluable, as it has encapsulated the very foundation that modern nursing was built upon: promoting care through the utilization of the right environment. The warmth and personal care here, paired with the values this place represents made for a genuinely wonderful experience I will always carry with me in my nursing career.” – Eduardo Valdizon

We are grateful to each of the student nurse volunteers – now members of the Caring House family – for the dedication, care, compassion, inquisitiveness, professionalism and energy they’ve brought to our home. We are also grateful the Los Angeles Harbor College Nursing Program’s faculty and leadership for continuing to make this collaboration possible, and we look forward to welcome more nurses-to-be in the future.

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