Meet Lindsay Stewart

Lindsay Stewart has come to live with us at Caring House. We are honored.

We are grateful to share Lindsay’s story written by her sister, Carey.

Lindsay is from Towson, Maryland. Towson is a suburb of Baltimore City. Locals call Baltimore, “Small-ti-more” which gives you an idea of the small town vibe of Towson.

Lindsay is the middle child among five siblings. She worked hard to stand out in our crowded family life. She has a flair for fashion from classic elegance to wild and crazy. She dyed her hair green long before it was a fashion statement. She “streaked” at our local community college in the early 70’s. She played guitar and sang to entertain friends at parties in High School. Lindsay and her bandmates called themselves Used Parts. They played and entertained at clubs all over Maryland.

She is the lively and adventurous party girl- so no wonder she moved from boring “Small-ti-more” to exciting LA in the early 90’s. She performed her music, worked at the Playboy Mansion, met movie stars, sewed couture clothing and worked with the photographer, Fergus Greer, to produce his book.

She lovingly cared for a child with cystic fibrosis for about ten years. Bringing music and creativity to a child who was exceptionally bright. Lindsay loved Claire as a daughter until Claire passed away in 2018.

Our family watched with pride as our sister Lindsay appeared on not one, but two episodes of The Love Connection. Lindsay was the girl picking among the three guys. Their first date was a “Bingo” date – each of them won $50 so they had a nice dinner.

She returned to the show to tell Chuck Woolery and America about the date. On that episode, the comedian who was hired to warm up the audience before the taping did not show up. Chuck Woolery found Lindsay so engaging and asked her to warm up the crowd – and she did!

She is a fearless performer! Lindsay brings love and joy to the stage and to life here in LA.

She has oodles of friends who adore her kindness and her zest to discover each person’s hidden talents.

Lindsay is loved by her many nieces and nephews who all consider their “Auntie Lindz” to be the groovy aunt.

Lindsay is the Hollywood Star of the Stewart Family!

We were blessed to care for Lindsay at Caring House.

In Memoriam

Lindsay passed away on July 11, 2021. Honor her. Remember her.