Meet June Casey

June CaseyMarjorie “June” Casey has come to live with us. We’re honored and we are southern charmed.

June was born and raised in rural communities of Lauderdale County, Tennessee located near the Mississippi River. Growing up she lived in Flippin and Chisolm Lake.

After graduating from Ripley High School, June married Paul Greer in 1948. Paul worked for his parents on their family farm and June was a homemaker. They had three daughters, Paula, Annette and Judy.

Influenced by family and friends to relocate to California, Paul and June moved their family and settled in Torrance, CA in 1954. They did indeed enjoy life in Southern California.

In 1959, Paul tragically died, creating a significant life change for June and their three daughters. Her role changed from homemaker to single parent and breadwinner. Job opportunities were scarce for a former homemaker, but her struggles made her stronger and a better person. She joined the workforce for the love and necessity of her family.

Extended family in California helped too. They knew how she missed Paul and when the time was right cousins suggested she go on a blind date. They introduced her to Farris Casey, a recent transplant from Lauderdale County. The couple married in 1961. A year later they had twins, Jeffrey and Lisa.

With a growing family, they moved the family to a larger home in Torrance. Having five children in the household made for chaos, but June was known to be a drill sergeant and kept everyone in order.

In the 1970s June tired of the California lifestyle and yearned to live near her parents once again. With her three older daughters moved on, June decided it was time to sell the family home and return to Lauderdale County in 1977. The twins went too. Farris didn’t go.

Even though June and Farris were madly in love, they had challenges. In the course of their relationship spanning over 50 years, they married three times and divorced twice. June always said, “. . . just because we’re not married doesn’t mean we don’t love one another.” Their on-again, off- again love affair was solidified when they married for the third time in 1989. Farris died in August 2014.

June’s can-do attitude and confidence inspire others. Her strength, positivity and faith in God have helped her make things work. She would say, “You have to make things happen and roll with the punches.”

We’re glad that June is with us at Caring House. As we care for her she teaches us.

In Memoriam

June died May 19, 2016. Honor her. Remember her.