Meet Jose Urias

Jose Bautista Urias has come to live with us at Caring House. We’re honored.

Jose and his sister Martha are the two children of Jose and Martha Urias. He was born in Mexico and grew up in Compton, and has lived in Lakewood, Long Beach and Torrance, CA.

He attended Compton High School. First receiving his Bachelors degree from University of California, Irvine, he earned his Masters in Education at California State University, Dominguez Hills.

Jose’s professional mission is to help children who are under-privileged attain education and resources so they can succeed and improve their lives. His pursuit of that mission has taken him from teacher, to Dean, to Vice Principal, to Principal and most recently to Coordinator of Special Programs for Lynwood Unified School District. He was one of the youngest to earn the role of Principal when he was at Lynwood High School.

Ema and Jose Urias

Ema and Jose

Jose has been married for nineteen years to Ema Villegas and together they are raising two children, Jonathan and Jacqueline. When Jose’s sister married Ema’s cousin, Jose and Ema met at the wedding. Jose claims (Ema’s not so sure) to have told a friend at the wedding “that girl is the girl I will marry some day.”

Jose loves traveling, and exploring new places and learning their history. Golf relaxes him. And he enjoys being silly and getting a reaction out of others for it.

Ema’s brother Art says “the party has not started until Jose starts to dance” — because Jose is usually the first one on the dance floor. For years Jose was the family Santa Claus — showing up suddenly and entertaining the kids by dancing with them and making everyone laugh, then disappearing without the kids figuring out who he really was.

Beyond the fun, he’s known in the family as one to help calm others — breaking up seemingly serious situations by saying, “all I have to say about this is . . . ‘Todo esta bien’ meaning ‘everything is fine’.”

When we first met Jose we immediately felt his sensitivity to others and his tenderness.

We’re glad that Jose is with us at Caring House. He’s teaching us as we care for him.

In Memoriam

Jose died February 24, 2017. Honor him. Remember him.