Meet John Ramos

John Joseph Ramos has come to live with us at Caring House. We’re honored.

John Ramos at work

On duty in Palos Verdes

Born in Manhattan (New York City), John was raised in Peekskill, New York, at the St. Joseph’s Home for Children.

At age 16, John set off on his own to meet the world. He worked construction and as a waiter, and most memorably as a “soda jerker” on the lower level at Grand Central Terminal in NYC.

He joined the U.S. Army at age 20, early in the Korean War. With initial training at Camp Kilmer in New Jersey, he continued his training in Hawaii and was then stationed in Iceland. He remembers Winter in New York City being colder than his time in Iceland (see photo below).

During his time in the Army he passed through Southern California. He liked what he saw and, after his Army discharge, came back.

John likes to keep things uncomplicated. He explained “as long as I have a job and a place to stay, I can settle down.” And that’s what he did, living in Torrance and the South Bay for over 50 years.

Married once, John’s two children are Lisa Marie and Anthony.

In the early 60s, John started his own pool service business. As his reputation grew he built it up by adding employees. He then headed back toward the uncomplicated, running his business with just himself.

John loved bowling, but admits that he was just average. Even more fun was his Indian motorcycle (he liked its simplicity). And best of all, his 1979 Red Corvette. The Corvette is his treasure, and he loves its unique style. He bought it from a customer of his pool service company.

We’re glad that John is with us at Caring House. We love his gentle smile and sense of humor. We’ll work to make this an uncomplicated place where he’s happy to settle down.

John Ramos on duty in Iceland

On duty in Iceland

In Memoriam

John died on September 8, 2016. Honor him. Remember him.