Meet Evelyn Maldonado

Evelyn MaldonadoEvelyn Maldonado recently came to live with us at Caring House. We are honored.

Her children have shared the following remembrance of Evelyn.

Evelyn Maldonado was born in New York City. The eldest of six children, she loved her mother Maria to no end and adored her father Hexon. Evelyn was literally the glue that held the entire family together. She was the voice of reason, advice, compassion with a caring understanding.

Evelyn was a strong, confident and independent woman — however she treasured having her closest friends and family near. She laughed with all of her soul and had a smile that could light up any room.

Evelyn was an amazing mother to her two children Michael and Yvonne . . . the lessons and words of advice she imparted are undoubtedly what helped shape their lives for the better. Evelyn loved her children more than anything in the world and often expressed to them how very proud of them she was. She wanted nothing more than for them to be happy and healthy.

Evelyn worked hard, always with a goal in mind . . . she worked as the executive assistant to the VP of Pepsi Cola for many years before changing careers into the legal field where she shared a particular interest . . . she aspired one day to receive a law degree.

Evelyn worked daily, studied in the evenings and sold Essential Oils and Crystals on the weekend at flea markets. This was her own business and despite how laborious it was she was extremely proud of it; eventually building it into a franchise she named “Essential Crystals – The Potpourri That Rocks !”

Evelyn succeeded in everything she pursued but undeniably her proudest and happiest achievement was when she became the grandmother to Sienna Rose. She longed to be a grandmother and joked that she thought the day would never come. Today she would be even more overjoyed to know she has another granddaughter whom was named after her, Sophie Evelyn.

The final gift Evelyn will give her precious granddaughters is the memory of what an amazing woman she was and how much she loved them. They will know everything about their ‘Glamma’ Evelyn Maldonado.

Evelyn was big on positivity and would always focus on the good. When things are tough and dismal if you just close your eyes, you can hear her saying “Let it go . . . it doesn’t matter. Just smile because it’ll be alright.”

Evelyn was a bright light on earth. Yes, she will be missed but more importantly she will be remembered as she continues to live on in the hearts of all those who knew her.

In Memoriam

Evelyn died on October 17, 2017. Honor her. Remember her.