Meet Earlie West

Earlie S. West has come to live with us at Caring House. We are honored.Earlie West

Born in Lake Charles, Louisiana, in her early 20’s Earlie moved with her mother (Wilda S. Booth) and other family members to Compton, CA. This has remained her home.

Earlie met a young man there, last name West, and they married. He was a fighter pilot in the Air Force and soon after their marriage he was sent into combat in the Korean War. Sadly, his plane was shot down, leaving young Earlie a widow. She never remarried.

Earlie was a hairdresser by trade with many of her family members fortunate to benefit from her talents. She also worked for a small electrical company manufacturing electrical outlets for homes and offices.

Earlie was always proud of how she looked. Sunday dress meant matching hat and gloves. She also stayed on top of the latest fashion styles. Her younger brother (John) remembers her often asking “do these go together?” and of course they did. Her house was always spotless, dishes washed and beds made. And, while she enjoyed company, family and close friends knew not to sit on her French Provincial furniture in the living room.

Her favorite pastime is working in her yard, treating her flower beds as prized possessions. You could always count on Earlie being busy doing something around the house. Even when not sitting watching, she likes having on a court TV show.

Earlie is well known in her community and church. Her “baby brother” John calls her a truly heavenly spirit.

We are glad that Earlie is with us at Caring House. We look forward to caring for this stylish woman of faith.

In Memoriam

Earlie died on March 13, 2019. Honor her. Remember her.