Meet Christa Loderich

Christa Loderich has come to live with us at Caring House. We’re honored.

Christa Loderich

Christa was born in the town of Hof in Bavaria, Germany. Her father remains missing in action from World War II. Christa was raised in Germany.

Christa met and married Richard Anderson, an American working in Germany. They moved to Chicago in 1958. They later divorced. Christa came to California in 1968.

Christa has always loved travel. That fit well with her life of work in the airline industry. First 23 years for Continental Airlines, then five years in Honolulu, HI working for Air Micronesia (owned by Continental). Always working as a chef secretary in the upper management, after Continental’s bankruptcy she worked for Hong Kong-based Cathay Pacific Airways, retiring in 2001. And in retirement she has continued to travel the globe.

Christa cherishes her German roots and heritage, maintaining a close circle of friends with German heritage. They often travel together.

Those friendships led her to be at the Alpine Village on August 30, 1989, when she met Lutz Bergmann. They found many common interests and that they even already lived near each other. It was the start of their life partnership that has continued for 28 years.

Christa loves classical music and opera, and attending the Hollywood Bowl. A very health-conscious woman, she loves water aerobics and other exercise.

We’re glad that Christa is with usĀ at Caring House. We look forward to caring for this outgoing traveller.

In Memoriam

Christa died on November 7, 2017. Honor her. Remember her.