Meet Cheryl Pistono

Cheryl Pistono

Cheryl Ann Pistono has come to live with us at Caring House. We are honored.

Cheryl was born in LaSalle, Illinois, the first child of John Joseph Pistono, Jr. and Sylvia Ann Waclaw Pistono. Growing up in LaSalle, she attended LaSalle Peru Township High School, already showing a love for education and learning. While enjoying fishing and hunting during that time, she also took care of her siblings.

Cheryl continued her education at nursing school, worked in law and accounting offices, and went on to various skilled careers. She was and still is accomplished in many areas, with a fierce drive for equality and justice. While living in Los Angeles, her second home after Illinois, she lovingly cared for and raised her four children, Amir, Jesse, Taaj and Briana. Cheryl now has four grandchildren, including Penny!

Always seeking adventure, she enjoys international travel – and she loves food! A wonderful cook, she has helped world famous chefs advance on the world stage, but is never happier than when she cooks for her family. She also very much enjoyed being in nature with her dogs, Miles and Bronson. And we are sure she enjoys having Lyon often by her side at Caring House.

Cheryl is known beyond her family for her wit, kindness and fight for justice, for her passion for equality and women’s rights, and for her longing for happiness for all. A pacifist with a broad interest in politics and law, and a dedicated Buddhist, she is compassionate and courageous, with a wicked sense of humor. She shares her huge, kind heart with everyone she meets and transforms many lives with her presence.

We are glad Cheryl is with us at Caring House. We look forward to caring for this passionate, courageous and loving woman, and her beautiful family.

In Memoriam

Cheryl passed away on May 27, 2021. Honor her. Remember her.