Meet Art Ochoa

Arthur “Art” Ochoa has come to live with us at Caring House. We’re honored.

Art was born in Durango, Mexico and at age two came with his family to Los Angeles. He’s the third of nine siblings born to Enrique and Maria Angela Ochoa, and family has always been a huge part of his life.

Soon after arriving in Los Angeles the family was in a car accident. Art sustained major head trauma and Art has had to take medications to manage grand mal seizures since that time.

Art was raised in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood and graduated from Salesian Catholic High School in East Los Angeles. He moved with family to Redondo Beach in 1979. He was dedicated to his mother and they lived together. Her death in 2012 was a major loss for him.

In Redondo Beach, Art made new friends and built his gardening talents. His hobbies include fixing radios, reading sports stories and trying to beat the California lottery. Art loves his Dodgers and is thrilled that the Rams are coming back to Los Angeles.

What immediately stands out about Art? The love and devotion of his family for a kind and gentle man.

We’re glad that Art is with us at Caring House. We’ll care for him as he has cared for others.

In Memoriam

Art died June 20, 2016. Honor him. Remember him.