Do magic with corporate matching gifts

Matching MagicEver heard this corny old Q&A? Question: What is the quickest way to double your money? Answer: Fold it in half.

Better answer: corporate matching gifts

More than 20,000 employers across the U.S. have programs that match donations made by their employees to charities, one-to-one. So when the employee gives $100, the employer will match it by giving $100 — the charity receives $200. If you’re eligible, it works like magic!

  • Some employers will do two-to-one or even more.
  • And some match donations by former employees.

Tobiah doubled his donation to Caring House

Tobiah was a long-time employee of Phillips 66 in the Los Angeles Harbor area. Tobiah and Sue (his wife) are also strong supporters of Caring House.

Recently they introduced us to the matching gift program at Phillips 66. First they made a donation. Then they contacted the Phillips 66 matching gift program. The paperwork for them and for Caring House was easily done online and in very short order Caring House not only received a generous gift from Tobiah, we received the same size gift from Phillips 66. Like magic!

To make it even more magical, Tobiah and Sue told a friend in the Phillips 66 family about Caring House, and she had their donation matched.

Does your employer (or past employer) provide a match?

You can easily check through the free online search engine made available by Chadwick School, a K-12 independent, college preparatory day school located on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

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