Looking for capable and compassionate Caregivers

We are looking for capable and compassionate Caregivers for our home dedicated to end-of-life care. This rewarding position will focus on providing an environment of warmth, safety and security for our residents and their families during this special time. Caregivers will be working side-by-side with each resident’s hospice team as well as our other dedicated staff and volunteers. Caregivers will report to our Resident Care Manager.

All Caregiver positions will initially be per diem. Our plan is to develop a mix of full-time (3 shifts a week) and per diem.

We’ve begun the hiring process

Offers for the Caregiver position will be made once we have received our operating license from the Department of Social Services.


Read the full posting for the Caregiver position.

Interested or have questions? Email us at staffing@yourcaringhouse.org

We're hiring Caregivers