Jon Mesko joins Lloyd’s Legion

Jon Mesko has joined Lloyd’s Legion.Jon Mesko

Jon shares, “I’m so impressed with the impact that Caring House is having in the South Bay community. I am honored to be a part of it.”

In January 2021, Jon became the Caring House Executive Director. Learn more about Jon . . .

Donors like Jon, who sustain the work of Caring House through automated monthly givingbecome members of Lloyd’s Legion. Automated monthly giving is smart, simple and secure. It’s a great way to help Caring House continue its mission while helping to predict monthly income and reduce fundraising costs.

About the photo. Members of Lloyd’s Legion earn the stylish thrill of donning a “Lloyd-like” tan, khaki or beige sun hat of their choice for their salute and enlistment photo. Selfies welcomed. You can email your photo to And feel free to include comments about why you’ve joined Lloyd’s Legion and support the work of Caring House.